Hosted Desktop

A Hosted Desktop (by some called Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI) solution is the new, cloud based option for delivering desktops to end users.
The hosted desktop replaces the “traditional” office network with a virtual desktop that will look and feel exactly the same as a normal Windows desktop PC.
Your access to data, email and any software applications you currently use are no different from the way you have worked up until now - that includes use of printers and other peripherals.
The difference is that your data and applications will be hosted on our secure servers.

The Benefits

The benefits are many.  You can access all your data and applications from anywhere with an internet connection: the office, home, hotels, internet cafes, mobile phones, Blackberries...the possibilities are endless!
·         Work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
·         Share data files and applications with other users regardless of location
·         Full Microsoft Exchange 2010 collaboration
·         Cut costs and capital investment
·         No need for new servers
·         No need for new PCs
·         No software upgrades
·         Data is backed up automatically
·         Up to date security software always on
·         Spread your cost – you pay on a monthly basis


Verisolve can provide a hosted desktop environment within 1-2 days notice, assuming you have a broadband connection. (Longer periods will be required if an installation of a broadband connection is required)


You can connect to your applications from any computer connected to the internet that has a remote desktop client (standard with Windows 7 and XP).


Additionally, you may connect to your desktop using Apple devices (including iPad), Linux and Thin Client terminals.


So whether working from your office, home, a hotel or wirelessly via 3G on your laptop you get your own desktop when you need it.

Standard Applications

As standard we will provide all the Microsoft Office applications below:

Additional Applications

Verisolve are able to offer most Microsoft and other vendors' applications on a monthly cost model or additional bespoke applications to your requirements.


Should there be additional requirements, i.e. a dedicated SQL server, we can provide these services upon request.


We can also provide additional storage capabilities.


Your infrastructure

Verisolve works with it clients to provide the best possible solution for their business. If you have no or limited IT infrastructure Verisolve can provide your setup systems for connection into our hosted service.


If you have already made a significant investment in IT we can manage your desktop environment remotely and provide a migration service when your systems need replacing.