Hosted Exchange

What is Exchange 2010?

The Microsoft definination is: Exchange Server is an email based collaborative communications server for businesses.


So what does that actually mean?

Through Outlook Exchange, it handles your emails, contacts and calendars.  It allows you to share folders with others in your company.  In the past, this was only available if you had a central server in the office.  Now, with hosted services available through the Cloud, all businesses, not matter what size, location or available resources can take advantage of:

Why sign up to hosted Exchange 2010?

Moving your Exchange environment to the Cloud means that you get all the advantages of on-site collaboration, whilst reducing the IT overhead of running on-site Exchange or Small Business Server.


By switching to Hosted Exchange, you get better control of your costs reducing the need for expensive hardware installation and ongoing maintenance.


It may cost less to move to Hosted Exchange, but by no means do you sacrifice service quality.  The Hosted Exchange environment is super-resillient, is fully managed, and every email is scanned for viruses and spam before it arrives in your inbox.


Safe and Secure

Industry-leading cloud-based security and segmentation ensures that your data is safe and secure. All inbound email is first passed through an award-winning Email Security system, providing you with outstanding protection of your mailboxes - as standard.