Software Development

We can write, develop and mange a number of software solutions for your company, hosted by us or you. Be it a simple database, a customer relationship management system tailored specifically to your business, or make it possible for you to trade on line, our experienced consultants will work with you to deliver a solution to meet your expectations.


Why use customised software?

Sometimes there is a need for software that hasn't been designed before, or a client may need a standard software idea altered to match their needs.  An example of this would be changing a CRM package to include recruitment modules.  Other reasons for customised software could be the price of currently available software.


Development stages

  1. Every development project begins with understanding what the client needs.  This involves sitting down with our software analysts to discuss conceptual ideas and agree on the design.  At this point a full project specification is drawn up which agrees the time required for the project to be completed and which technology would be best suited.
  2. The project specification is passed on to the programming team who start to develop the software.
  3. Once the programming has been completed, the software is passed on to our in house testing team who do alpha testing within our test environments.  On the completion of these tests, beta versions can be made available to the client for final testing.
  4. When everyone is confident the solution has met the spec agred, a final roll out to the roll environment takes place. 


Verisolve can use a number of different programming technologies to deliver your applications.  Typically, we use Open Source technologies which avoids any ongoing licensing costs to the customer.