Hosted Email and Web Security

We provide a range of security services, using the best providers in the business.

Spam Filter Service

Symantec MessageLabs Email prevents email spam from reaching your network and improves employee productivity by virtually eliminating the need to read and delete unsolicited messages.
With advanced perimeter defence and proprietary Skeptic™ technologies, our cloud-based spam filtering service delivers protection against both established and emerging spam techniques. Automatic and continuous service updates keep protection levels current 24/7.

Email Virus Protection Service

Symantec MessageLabs Email protects your business from email-borne malware and provides 100% protection from known and unknown viruses. Our email antivirus service ensures only virus-free email is delivered to your mail servers.


The multi-layered, cloud-based email virus protection service stops viruses before they reach your network, helping your business avoid costs like system down-time, lost productivity and brand damage. We can also help protect your company from phishing scams, trojans, worms and other forms of email-borne malware.


As a cloud-based antivirus service, updates are continuous and automatic providing ‘zero-hour’ virus protection, there is no software or hardware to manage, and costs are predictable.


Email Image Control

Symantec MessageLabs Email Image scans email and attachments to identify, control and block inappropriate images from entering or leaving your network. Confidential and proprietary images are also accurately stopped or permitted to leave the organisation according to your policies.


Through the use of multi-layered filtering technologies (including image composition analysis and image signatures), the service protects employees while aiding the enforcement of acceptable use policies, reducing compliance and legal risks, and helping to protect corporate reputation.

Email Content Control

Symantec MessageLabs Email Content service identifies and controls confidential, malicious or inappropriate email content sent or received by your organization.

Configurable to your needs, Email Content helps to reduce the risk of data loss and enables you to establish and enforce an acceptable use policy so that employee email use can be more productive.


The service harnesses a range of technologies to enable email body, subject and header to be analysed, as well as text within supported Microsoft Office and PDF attachments. Email messages and attachments can be scanned for keywords, phrases, URL lists or alphanumeric formulas (such as credit card numbers), all at the administrator’s discretion. Email that triggers a rule is subjected to a range of actions including block, delete or redirect. Meanwhile, approved email messages continue to pass through to their intended recipients as usual.

Web Filter - URL Filter

Symantec MessageLabs Web offers a Web content filtering service to help you control Internet use in your organization. Our URL filtering service helps protect businesses from the ramifications of inappropriate Web use and assists in blocking access to websites by URL, time of day, or file type. The service can be used to set usage thresholds based on time or volume to help protect corporate bandwidth and productivity.


Our URL filter service is designed to meet the Web security needs of businesses of all sizes. It is highly configurable and contains a sophisticated database of over 67 million websites. The service offers more than 80 broader website categories that can be used to tailor policies to promote acceptable Web usage. By using the Web URL filtering service, IT departments can: