Hosted Backup

Secure Backup

Verisolve can provide secure and cost effective backup of all data and email on your network from as little as £15 per month.


Most companies intend to backup their data every day, and remove the tape, disc or drive off the premises – but, as we all know, this is not a perfect system. Software or hardware failure, or simply forgetfulness often means that the system is not backed up.


And how do you know that the data you back up in house is safe? Tapes can fail, and can you be absolutely sure that it has been set up correctly? With Verisolve Data Backup Service you can rest assured that the data is safe – and quickly available for you, should you need it.Data loss can have an immense, negative effect on any company – in fact, 70% of businesses that suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months.

Why sign up to Verisolve Data Backup Service?

Microsoft Exchange Server Backup Module – included FREE

Full backup of your email system is included free. Emails are now more important than simply sending messages, and many use their Outlook accounts to store documents, pictures etc. Losing emails can be a major disaster to any company. With Verisolve Data Backup Service you can rest assured that all emails, attachments, notes and diary entries are backed up. You can also pay a small fee per user to backup individual mailboxes. This would enable you to restore individual mailboxes, rather than the whole Exchange Server.

Database Backup Module– included FREE

Verisolve Data Backup Service includes specialised backup modules for all commonly used databases, making sure that all your critical data is comprehensively protected at all times. These databases include:

*In-File Delta makes it possible to back up only changes in large files. This can save hugely on the time of the backup.

Benefits of Verisolve Data Backup Service

A company losing data can range from being annoying to business critical. Verisolve Data Backup Service is probably the most important insurance policy you can have – it will backup all your data:

Many companies keep their accounting system on a single PC rather than on a server. This makes it particularly vulnerable to data loss. With Verisolve Data Backup Service, individual PCs can be set up to be included in the online backup procedure, at no extra cost.

Safety of Data

The data is stored at a secure datacenter, which is staffed and guarded at all times. The centre operates top level security and a managed uninterrupted power supply ensuring 100% uptime. Qualified, professional staff are on the premises at all time, ensuring a 'hands and eye' approach.

Centralise backup from more than one location

If you work from a number of locations (branch offices for instance), Verisolve Data Backup Service allows you to centralise your backup. The process can then be managed from your head office, ensuring total control.

International backup

It makes no difference where in the world your offices are – Verisolve Data Backup Service will cover it.

Easy to set up

We are flexible on set up – it can be done by us remotely in conjunction with your IT personnel, on-site by us, or you can do it yourself.

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